Friday, July 14, 2006

what DID happen to the electric car?

things i don't want to do today:

1) fly on southwest airlines
2) wear heels in 110 degree weather
3) go to vegas

oh -- oops.

i'm leaving for vegas in a bit and i'm feeling so bipolar about this trip. one second i'm super pumped and literally 2 mins later i want to cancel. anywho - i know it will be fun and i'm very excited to see cara and co. have a rad weekend and wish me luck!

anywho - i typed the rest of this post on monday but never got around to editing it... i thought it was a super brilliant mini-rant on the importance of sitting still. but now that i read it again - not so much. point is - in the (a) interest of time and (b) interest of getting becca to stop bugging me to post the teddy g pics... i'm deleting a chunk a posting the rest as is. lots of pics to peruse... so check 'em out! xoxo jen


our last book club meeting sparked a riveting discussion on nicole kidman and keith urban. what do you think? we set the over-under at 5 years. i took the under but everyone else was totally adamant they'd make it. what am i missing here?


ummm... so yeah. we went to the teddy geiger at the fillmore. becca and i being the mtv junkies we are decided that $16 was an undoubtably reasonable price to pay to catch the popstar live. i was excited to not be the shortest person at a concert for once in my life and not to mention we were convinced it would be a stellar people watching experience. next thing we know a bunch of girls were on board and we've got matching tees. check out the photos.


aileen and i went to the titanic exhibit at the metreon. it was pricey in an obscene sort of way ($27 with the audio tour - but if you do go - don't skip the audio) and very corporatey in feel - but if you eat this sort of stuff up the way i do, definitely check it out. its amazing to me not only how much stuff they'd preserved but how the preserving actually takes place. there are also some sort of chincy but semi-fabulous life size recreations of a couple places on board. couldn't resist snapping this one with my phone.


we cruised the same restaurant for gliebe's birthday that we went to for my birthday and i think its gotten even better. terry & JJ ordered sushi and it was actually really good. we gotta go back again for sure. random faux-artsy shots are here.


fourth of july. sigh. don't get me started. i'll spare you the grief and instead tell you that paul & sharon had a bbq and in true fourth of july bbq fashion paul rallied a spoon race and egg toss. i hadn't laughed that hard in forever. couple pictures here.


megan (darth) and i decided that we were going to drag each other to a cultural event once a month. an amazing plan indeed and i can't wait for next month (ahem... megan, now that you're unemployed you need to get on that - stat!). anywho this months excursion took us to killer joe. it got the little guy freaking on his chair in the chronicle so i honestly expected a little more... but it was entertaining and a lovely change of pace nonetheless. we cruised the consession booth at intermission and they had a special: a can of budweiser and bag of cheetos for $3.00. how could we resist?


whit & i went to WSP... check out a few pics here.


and finally... who did kill the electric car? i suggest you go find out for yourself. if you want to get extra crazy... see an inconvenient truth first. i saw both last weekend and got myself into a little funk about the whole mess. thankfully my dad talked me out of following it up with walmart: high cost of low price. he was right - i couldn't have handled it.


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