Monday, February 13, 2006

best weekend ever

i should have seen it coming. i mean, don't i watch enough reality tv to know the formula? helllooo - whenever the protagonist states something then the exact opposite happens. cut to jen looking straight into the camera - "29 totally sucks and i wish i could just skip this birthday" - audience just rolls their eyes. didn't we see this last week on the gauntlet? yawn.

so yeah - i had the best birthday weekend ever.

friday night we went to see stars at the fillmore and it was an awesome show. bonus? the elected who was the opener was super rad also. oh and of course holly gets us backstage after the show. its like steph said... "i heard she's really good at that". so we kicked it with elected for a bit oh and don't forget my new t-shirt signed by the band. rad.

stars rocking out

saturday we had a fabulous day cruising golden nail and then went to dinner at that teppanyaki place next to r bar. it was pretty good! we'll definitely be back. becca & sharon brought a cake from bittersweet on fillmore. its a cake and then you get "bites" (mini cakes) to surround it on the plate. big cake for the birthday girl and little bites for all her friends! so rad and SO yummy too.

whit can't keep her hands off

yesterday megan and i went to liverpool lil's for eggs benedict and then cruised over to pick up jacquie and we hit city tavern. how funny is this new sign in megan's lobby? umm... since no one's ever loitered in her lobby like ever... we're thinking its supposed to mean no littering. oops.

stop littering where you loiter


ummm... how gnarly is this? makes muni look like a luxury cruise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um...Jen--RAD. So happy to hear about your fabulous b-day celebration!!!

As for the "incident" in Philly...I am comforted to know that you'll be safe and sound on Muni. I mean, I know you and the drivers get into it every once and awhile, but I trust those guys (and gals) to take care good care of you as you slave away to corporate america.

Oy vey....


10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great birthday weekend! I love that fact that Holly totally is the guarantee in with the back stage action...

6:41 PM  

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