Monday, August 29, 2005

Molly's Bachelorette Weekend

thank goodness august is almost over. i couldn’t handle another crazy weekend.

molly’s bachelorette was on friday & saturday and i must say was a fabulous ending to the whole series. after dinner at the americano in the hotel vitale on saturday, a limo picked us up for a cruise around the city and dropped us at café du nord to see the samples. leave it to molly to hook us up with live music for her bachelorette. she’s so rad.

holly was on fire all weekend and after she scraped together the funds to buy molly a samples tank top (no cc’s accepted) she hooked up the party late night. holly, molly, karly and maggie partied with the band until 3:30 in the morning. classic.

here's holly with her sign and her brand new super fabulous haircut


saturday before all the festivities we made our way to r bar to say goodbye to cora. my method of non-dealing had been working well up until this point and then i got really sad when i had to say goodbye. basically cora is one of the most fabulous people i’ve ever been lucky enough to meet and then she turned into a wonderful friend. how lucky was i? i know just because she is 5100 miles away doesn’t mean i still can’t tell her my secrets and listen to her say “jen - right - this is what you are going to do,” but knowing i won’t see her face or join her for a walk or sit across from her at sushi for a long time is a total downer. anyways… i’m totally rocking out to snow patrol today because they remind me of you cora! this city isn’t going to be the same until you get back so hurry it up and i’ll see you soon.

the raddest girl in ireland right now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you too Cora! I know Jen is so sad you're leaving, but I heard she is planning a visit soon! Take care, and I'll see you when you get back to the City! Thanks for taking such good care of our little Jen!


4:30 PM  

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