Friday, January 13, 2006

another year... another bottle of braggs

so is it really the middle of january? 2006 is 3.5% over? had a fabulous holiday but it feels so good to have things back to normal. i went to the health food store to get a replacement bottle of braggs and they were sold out! she said they've been going through it like crazy... i guess people are finally starting to listen to me. i knew this year would be the best ever.

so here's the camera phone coverage of my holiday and trip to san diego. such fun!

christmas eve had an awesome lunch with whitney at ferry plaza seafood. here was our view.

so remember when i went to see my little brother's band play? he's rad.

game day! here we are getting balloons blown up for what ended up being the best tailgate known to qualcomm.

here's maggie arranging napkins. look at the spread!

pregame patriotism. took this pic to show you how rad our seats were! thanks matt & whitney!

the first of many rickshaw rides. i miss the gaslamp.

tourist time! cara, maggie, holly and i hit the zoo. thats cara in the pic.

tram ride. good thing we rode before the torrential downpour.

holly & maggie in the rain. we need plastic parkas - stat!

justin & jacquie at sushi on NYE. noticing justin really loves that "eyes off to the left" pose.

irish dancers going crazy in the last few moments of 2005


Remember When... Cara's got a full freezer of smoked salmon at home courtesy of her new neighbor Nick Cage?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What??? Is that true? Nick Cage and his prego wife moved on to Waverley Drive... how exciting!


5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, they're in a big fancy house closer to the water. They delivered 3 pound smoked salmon to every house in the 'hood. rmw rumor has it that Nick's bff Geroge (Clooney) is also buying a house there?

I miss old school Newps.

Celebrities, STAY IN LA!


12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the most exciting 'remember when' yet! Can we do some 'walk by's' next time we're at your place Cara?

3:05 PM  

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