Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My New Thing

whitney says that i'll try anything once but if i do and i like it "watch out... its her new thing". thats totally true. remember when my new year's resolution was to make a gravy once a month so i'd be good at it by the time thanksgiving came around? yeah... that didn't happen. and no one needs to remind me about my "artisan cheese phase" - i'm still working on it.

anywho - today i decided i've got a new thing and its TOTALLY going to stick. i'm currently sipping on a mixture of a couple tablespoons apple cider vinegar mixed with a full glass of water (see picture below). cara heard about this amazing elixir from justin's mom and passed the good news on to me. i double checked with my friend from work with hippie tendencies and she confirmed its legit. according to the internet the health benefits are amazing!

Helps Remove Body Toxins * Helps Promote a Youthful Body * Helps support a healthy immune system * Helps Maintain Healthy Skin * Helps Control Weight * Improves Digestion and Assimilation * Soothes Tight and Aching Joints and Sore Muscles from exercise * Soothes irritated skin

so i rolled to sunshine health foods in the embarcadero to hook myself up. i was going to get two bottles (one for home and one for work) but figured i shouldn't get too ahead of myself. as you can probably imagine i'm totally stoked off of how this magical vinegar is going to change my life (i can just see the missed connection: to the blonde walking down front street with the bottle of braggs apple cider vinegar - RAD) and what i'm most excited about is how i've found something to fill my kombucha craving (which i haven't been buying since i moved and real foods is no longer on my beaten path and lets be honest... i can't afford a $4 beverage unless it contains alcohol, caffeine, or both). in fact, if I use sparkling water instead of flat water... it will probably even taste close to the same. perfect.

pure brilliance


in other hippie-related news, ellie just won 2 passes to see O.A.R. record in the recording studio. congrats ellie! that will be good times and i expect a full report!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The O.A.R studio recording was ridiculous! We were stuffed in a room the size of a living room with 8 lucky listners and the band w/ a ton of equipment! I had never really listened to them before but was truely impressed! If anyone is interested, the show will be streaming at 7pm EST on Thursday 9/22 at Just click on The Peak Stream.
Have Fun!!!

5:56 AM  

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