Monday, October 24, 2005

smoked ribs?

you never know what will go down in sacramento. all i can say is that matt makes the most amazing ribs you could ever imagine tasting in his smoker. he preps them with a dry rub, they smoke for 5 and 1/2 hours and then he cuts them up and serves them with a choice of 4 dipping sauces. whitney assured me the meat was organic so i felt compelled to eat about 2.1 million of them. after my vegetarian tendencies got tossed out the door with the rib bones, look what self-imposed rule i broke next? not only starbucks. but a starbucks drive-thru:

living the american dream

anywho - weekend was very fun. jacquie took a bunch of pictures which i'm sure she'll post soon. i also invented a lovely new cocktail that i highly recommend trying:

1 part vanilla stoli / 1 part diet ginger ale / heavy splash pomegranate juice

we were drinking them also with soda instead of the diet ginger ale which was also super yummy. i guess i just need to come up with a name for this fabulous concoction... any suggestions?


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