Thursday, August 25, 2005

Boycott begins......... NOW!

I saw this sign at torrefazione the other day and i thought “oh, that’s nice. thank you torrefazione for making the best latte in the city. i love you.”

I was wrong.

torrefazione didn’t put that sign up for the hell of it. its not a thank you for no reason. that sign is there because starbucks bought them and is shutting them down. apparently the chain wasn’t meeting their “corporate goals”.

“hi, we’re starbucks. you’ve had the best latte ever but we’re going to take it away from you and force upon you the shwag we serve. we’re bigger and richer and stronger than you and you’ll drink our coffee whether you like it or not because if we don’t own it now we will soon. see ya later sucker!”

so that’s it. no more starbucks* for me. i’ve got a week to find a new coffee place downtown… preferably within a two block radius. even a decent drip will suffice, so if you know of anything let me know.

*obvious exceptions to this rule include when i’m with a bunch of bridesmaids and we’re getting our nails done before the luncheon and a mom takes your starbucks order and comes back with a grande nonfat latte. that’s been rad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Jen! I am so sorry! I love your stance against Corporate America. Because of you, I shop at Irvine Ranch Mkt. all the time now. Sure, they're a little more expensive, but the produce is to die for, and comes straight from local farmers.

You go, girl! If you could inspire me to stage a coup against Corporate America, you can get anyone to do it! You're the best!


4:34 PM  
Blogger G Zivny said...

If I can, I'd like to add another exception to the no Starbucks rule...when driving cross country with three kids in the back seat and you find a Starbucks in Amarillo Texas. But I'll cross my fingers first!

BTW--we've already lost our Torrefaziones in Portland, and it's been mighty depressing.

4:05 PM  

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