Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

i was at cost plus yesterday after work and thats when i saw it: christmas stuff. Christmas Stuff!! not just the holiday cards and maybe some wrapping paper... but the ornaments, the candy, the candles, the table decor, the everything. AHHH! just when it finally feels like we're getting our summer in san francisco they (corporate america - who else?) have to go and ruin it by stocking the shelves at our neighborhood retailer with christmas stuff.

yeah yeah, we go through it every year and am i really surprised? no. but the thing that always frustrates me isn't so much the 'having to put up with it for a couple months' but that by the time the actual holiday rolls around - i'm over it. over the colors, over the smells, over the tastes, way over the music and over that general good feeling of holiday cheer. christmas is finally here? great - lets get this show on the road.

every year i get fired up and every year i google and re-read this article mark morford wrote a couple years ago. i've probably forwarded it to most of you at some point... but if you haven't read it - click here. and when you're done reading - go outside and soak up the sunshine, work on your tan, or take a walk to the farmers market. and most importantly remember 'tis not the season yet - no matter what they're trying to tell us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RMW you fell in love with Theo after reading his blog?

I think I just fell in love with Mark Morford.

Is he single?


4:02 PM  
Blogger jacquie said...

I saw that same shit at Cost Plus. The most disturbing thing about it is that it's been there for like a month already. Fuckers. Quit trying to steal my sunshine and stress me out!

10:53 PM  

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