Monday, September 26, 2005

another thing I hate... TICKETMASTER

for reals. why is ticketmaster the worst website of all time? why does ticketmaster control the ticketing universe? why hasn't anyone stepped it up and said "consumers will suffer the wrath of ticketmaster no longer!" of course i blame corporate america because its such an easy non-answer...

why are our rivers so dirty? corporate america.
why are the homeless so poor? corporate america.
why is there no world peace? corporate america.

see how easy that is? but what gets me so fired up is when i actually think about it... corporate america seems like such an easy solution to the pain endured a thousand times daily that is ticketmaster. so can some corporation please step it up and take over? and when you do... this is all i ask:

(1) if a show is sold out... tell us. don't make us enter in the number of tickets, select a price range and type your silly little word in the box only to say "oops! we couldn't find any tickets! try again!" are you KIDDING? the show is sold out - stop fake pumping.

(2) enough already with the insane fees. $2.50 an order so we can print the tickets ourselves? ummm... thats like an airline eticket - so quit it. $19.50 for UPS next-day air? its called Will Call - so leave us alone. $9.00 per ticket convenience charges?!? if you weren't annoying the hell out of me I might want to pay it - so back off.

anywho... i totally hate ticketmaster - pass it on.


quick update: i'm still enjoying daily my apple cider vinegar cocktail. i tried it this weekend with bubbly water and it was better than i imagined! here's my proof:

note the half empty bottle of braggs in the background


Anonymous the father said...


Thanks for the blog scoop. I like it. I can hear you saying everything you write. I've never used ticketmaster but now I hate them too. Thanks for the warning. Now my mission is to find something to not go to so that I can join your crusade and not buy tickets from them. Given where we live, that should be easy to do.

10:06 PM  

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