Thursday, September 13, 2007

this is huge. like. for reals.

BOOYAH! i'm officially way rad and have finally got all my photos up on flickr instead of horrible, disgusting, nasty ofoto. everything is up and fairly organized with the exception of getting my tags sorted out but i suspect that will forever be a work in progress.

SO - i've added my flickr site as a link on the right (along with zinga's new blog which has thus far been fairly amusing). the only thing thats still bothering me is how everything on the main page is in reverse chronological order so the story like quality of my captions is a little lost. i'm attaching the link to the set from my trip to meet brady which has everything in the intended order so give that a try. i'm still learning and might figure a way around this slight annoyance but if anyone out there is a flickr expert and wants to let me know please do.

have fun perusing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the new set up! Nice work. Does Brady have a jersey yet?


9:21 AM  

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