Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this morning i tasted pure goodness from the heavens

i can't wait to go home and fall asleep so when i wake up it will be time for tomorrow's breakfast: honey flavored saint benoît yogurt with fresh blueberries and peaches on top. i've been steering clear of this stuff for about a year because i had a feeling once i went there i could never go back. unfortunately, i was correct and now am no longer able to fool myself with nonfat vanilla flavored continental (a very distant, yet very definite, runner up). if you live in the bay area and want the best breakfast of all time - get thee to either the farmers market or your neighborhood grocery asap.


question: whenever you experience déjà vu do you really quickly try to remember more so that you can predict the next moment before it happens? yesterday it occurred to me that i might be one of the only people that holds off on saying "woooah! i just had déjà vu!" until after i've focused on trying to see into the future. and then i realized i'm either super cool or really weird.

well. maybe just focus on the yogurt.

happy wednesday! xoxo jen


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have deja vu all the time. Like, for reals.

Haven't tried to see into the future yet, though. Perhaps you're watching a little too much of your new fav show That's So Raven???


1:47 PM  

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