Tuesday, August 14, 2007

this is a really big deal

so. i've finally found my favorite restaurant in san francisco. as everyone knows i'm super into food and thus people are always asking me what my favorite restaurant in the city is. eight years and running and i've never had an answer. i've never had an answer and truthfully i've been a little embarrassed by it. sure, i've got a handful of favorite sushi places, a couple different tapas places, spots i like to get salads, etc etc but i've never had a favorite restaurant. until now.

megan and i went last week to try bar crudo. its this small spot next to the tunnel top on bush at stockton. i had read about it a couple times and always pass by it on the 1bx in the mornings. now that she is working just down the street we decided to check it out.

its my new favorite restaurant. here are the reasons why:

1) menu is the epitome of what i heart when dining out
--small plates
--mostly seafood
--uber seasonal

2) wine list is like everything i ever wanted
--short yet thoughtful
--well priced ($30-$50 a bottle)
--wines by the glass aren't boring

3) service was r-a-d
--waitstaff were mellow yet way knowledgeable
--courses came out at a slow and lovely pace
--glasses were never empty

4) atmosphere was right up my alley
--really tiny and unassuming space
--you could be dressed up or in jeans
--spots to dine at the bar and watch the chefs

yay bar crudo! it was everything i wanted and when the bill came... $60 each which included plenty of wine in addition to being stuffed full of pure goodness. who wants to go next??


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