Tuesday, August 28, 2007

in further "celebrity" news...

a source close to B is for Blog tells me that applebee's own tyler florence is raising a stink over the need for an 8 foot wall in front of his new home because he's "famous". ummm... i'm sorry to break it to you tyler but you're not famous.

wolfgang puck - famous. emeril lagasse - kind of famous. you - not so famous.

then again maybe this is the sort of complex you develop after working years at a network whose most popular personality is the devil herself. in which case - i can't blame him.

eatin' good in the neighborhood, yo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word up, Tyler.

If you call "being famous" a little show you starred in called Food 911, then I'm completely frightened.

Applebee's anyone? I'd personally rather eat Bada-Bing Betty's roasted red pepper soup and grilled cheese. Now THAT'S what I call eatin' good in the neighborhood.


2:32 PM  

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