Thursday, July 26, 2007

sneak peek!

in the movie they will make about my life (where kate winslet stars as me – obvi) i’d like to play a major part in the creative process behind picking out the soundtrack. i think about this all the time and i figure its so important i should get started now, right? exactly. so my dear readers, let me share with you two of the current frontrunners. think of it like a sneak preview and start getting fired up for the day you can purchase it on iTunes.


so for the montage where they show me bravely toiling away at my corporate job after having my heart tragically broken i’ve chosen “The Artist” by The Hush Sound. you can listen to it streaming by clicking on this link. lets read the lyrics while we listen!

I know that you're an artist,
you're the hardest one to deal with.
Everything that you conceal
is revealed on your canvas.

You find all of your ugly meanings
in all of the things I find beautiful.
Do you see the fall is coming?
Come, I'm falling into you.

You perceive all of these things
I'd never have known.
Love, will you turn off the lights?
We're already home.

You painted me in pastel,
colors that don't tell of any boldness.
That's the way you'd love to see me:
so delicate, so weak, so little purpose.

But your eyes are drawn of charcoal
they're black, they're so cold, they're so imperfect.
Because they see a sleeping world,
where waking isn't worth it.

now take a moment to contain yourself over how impressed you are at my brilliance while you download my next track off the new Stars album. click here and then download “Midnight Coward”. this is the song that will play during the montage where i discover the meaning of life while simultaneously finding true love. there will be lots of twirling around maria-von-trapp-style in vast urban spaces. you’ll probably shed a few tears (of joy) when you see it in the theater but for now the lyrics will have to suffice.

Sweetness, sweetness never suits me
When I get it out to take you home
Maybe it’s love, love at first light
We drunk and we’re walking with the sun in our life

Worry, Worry isn’t well
Gonna let it fell to nothing where we stand

What can’t be decided
In the morning it will bring itself to you
I can’t see what’s coming
But I’m not saying it

Sickness, Weakness at the fall
Of how your boy’ll play. How long should I stay?
Promises, promises never cease to assist it
And now I’m back on my back please bite your words

Hurry, Hurry to believe
I can’t always trust as much as you deceive

What’s your middle name?
How do you play the game?
I’ll be the first to leave
When did I grow up?
I don’t want to say too much
I’ll be the first to leave

what do you think? i’m working on the opening credits next and will keep you updated as i figure it out. after reading jacquie’s blog this morning i think paul rudd might be playing my love interest. but the important question is: who do you want to play you? post your ideas in the comments!


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