Tuesday, July 03, 2007


living and working here in san francisco i consider myself so lucky to be able to wander to the ferry building as often as i like. i love it of course for the gorgeous farmers market but also for all the fabulous shops & food vendors inside. the best part is that once you start shopping there on a semi-regular basis you realize its not anymore expensive than whole foods or even mollie stones. my favorite vendor of all is this lovely little mushroom store called far west fungi. they always have the best stuff and the mushrooms are so unbelievably clean and fresh that i don’t dare buy them anywhere else.

so the past couple weeks they’ve had morels for $5 a basket and i can’t get enough. have you ever had a morel? i remember the first time i tasted one as a kid and freaking off how yummy it was. (it was breaded & deep fried so that only made it like a million times better). if you’ve never had one or if you have and want to try them again – make this. i’ve made it a couple times now and have been using 1 part morels, 1 part baby shiitake and 1 part crimini. i’ve halved the amount of pasta but kept the same amount of mushrooms the recipe calls for (just to make it more mushroomy and less carby). according to the mushroom guy at far west the morels are only going to be around for another couple weeks so hook it up!

have a safe and happy 4th everyone!


Blogger Whitney Lofrano said...

No Morels left in Sactown. But, the dish is FAB! Thanks Jen! I had lefties last night and was even more in love with it. The lemon was even zestier after the next day.


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