Thursday, July 19, 2007

long awaited photos!

as we all know - the oakland airport totally blows. yeah, yeah its generally less delayed during fog and much cheaper to fly in and out of - but the airport itself is a less than ideal place to spend any extended amount of time. no fun shops, no good bars, and when 360 burrito is the best thing going in terms of food, well, just go ahead and admit defeat.

in predictable jen-like behavior however i've found one mildly amusing thing to do at the oakland airport: reading the headlines at the cnn store near the security line for terminal one. they are absolutely priceless. they consistently either make zero sense, are horribly inappropriate, or both. some of you may recall the pics i took last fall when i went up to portland to visit shimmy. "Iranian Jet Crashes; Burns" "Children Screamed 'We're Burning'" I mean - has no human spot checked these headlines before scrolling them at the airport?

well to my delight this trip was no exception and i took a snapshot of the following:

Extra! Extra! Minister explains cash in bathroom!

next time you're at the oakland airport spend a few moments outside security for a good laugh. its really the most entertaining thing the place has to offer.


anywho - here are the pics from my trip to so cal. the whole trip was fabulous - starting with a tour of the ginormous printing press at the LA times and ending with a trip down to encinitas to visit maggie. secondly - here are the pictures from the day holly, steph and i spent at the german tourist club in muir woods a couple weekends ago. if you haven't ever been hopefully these pictures will encourage you to check it out. good times all around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that mean the cash was in the bathroom? Or the explanation? Or both? (You know how I like to keep up with the latest trends in ministry.)

Those wacky ministers.


6:03 PM  

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