Friday, July 27, 2007

hello. my name is jen and i'm addicted to vh1.

i've given some very serious thought lately about getting rid of cable - following megan's lead, cutting it off, upping my netflix subscription. this is all part of some fake quest to live a fuller, more meaningful life of course. i'll read more! i'll understand science! i'll start writing poetry! smart hippie boys don't like pop culture junkies! and so i've pondered on each channel and if i really need it and i've come to the tragic yet very real conclusion that at this point in my life i cannot break my addiction to vh1. food network - gone. TLC - bye. lifetime - over. E! - done. bravo - no more. MTV - i'll watch it at becca's.

so obvi bwe being the most spectacular series ever invented is a major part of my predicament (and please know that there are a few shows on vh1 even i can't bare to watch) but aside from the obvious vh1 has so much to give! looking for a life coach? try mo'nique. feeling nostalgic? here's the solution. can't sleep? well you're in luck because videos are on! (side note - i tried curing a recent bout of insomnia with an episode of auschwitz: inside the nazi state. i do not recommend you try this. ever. please, please turn on vh1 instead.)

anyway i guess i'm not getting rid of cable anytime soon. maybe someday i'll grow up and until then i'm trying to be "okay" with my decision. and in the meantime... only 10 days until the mission: man band premier! yes!


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