Friday, June 08, 2007

writing stuff down

someone gave me some advice recently on an excellent way to put my thoughts on paper in an effort to get some craziness sorted out. i hadn't done that in ages - you know - write my feelings down. on paper. with a pen. i forgot how nice it can feel to look at what you've written and the way in which it took shape on the page. and the calm in knowing its somewhere where you can touch it - a journal maybe. or folded up and tucked inside your pocket. knowing its somewhere real - not just on your h: drive or out cruisin' the information super highway.

it felt really good. and maybe thats why i felt compelled to share the experience. because the stuff rattling around in my dome as of late wasn't really meant for the cyberworld. and it can really throw you for a loop when life reminds you that not everything has an actual answer. this time i can't google a solution in the way i've become accustomed. and so whats a girl to do? write stuff down. it does wonders - trust me.

anywho. enough of that nonsense. lets check some pics. these are from the weekend in sacto i spent with my 4 most favorite people. uhh... 5 if you count tommy.

have a great weekend everyone. xoxo.


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