Friday, June 15, 2007

well... at least its friday...

(sigh) i just found out i'm not going in for jury duty on monday. i got my summons 2 weeks ago and was so excited! finally i'll get my shot at playing an important roll in the jurisprudence process! 12 angry men here i come!

i'm getting used to rejection i guess. maybe next week my luck will change.

in further tragic news - that baby factory, err i mean, duggar family is having another kid (number 17) in july. guess what they're naming her? jennifer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dag Nabbit! The Duggar's strike again.

P.S. Our friend Nancy Grace would be so enthusiastic about your enthusiasm to serve on a jury. If you were chosen to serve, would you report to duty with your favorite jeweled choker on? And a silk blouse? With lots of red lipstick? And DNA swabs?

4:58 PM  

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