Monday, June 25, 2007


okay first off do yourself a favor and hit play on the following for your listening enjoyment as you read the rest of this post. go ahead - do it.

got it? okay so yes i was up until 1 a.m. last night watching VH1's "40 Most Softsational Soft-Rock Songs". and yes, i'm nuts. but OMG i totally forgot about some totally kick-ass soft-rock songs! there were the obvi's like #28 America - Horse With No Name, #24 Phil Collins - One More Night, #5 Chicago - If You Leave Me Now and the ultimate softsational Christopher Cross - Sailing. But what about all the gems I had forgotten about? Ummm... #36 10cc - I’m Not in Love (best song ever?), #17 Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning (get me to silver clouds asap!), #16 Bread - Baby I’m - A Want You (did someone say roadtrip?) or hellooo #3 Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (yeaaah spring break '98!).

this is all very exciting for me as i've been listening to way to much moby and bright eyes lately. i'm all about easy listening today and loving it. if you want to check out the whole list you can read it here.


okay so now on to a more relevant topic. did you guys see p.diddy tell laurie ann gibson to "f-ck off" last night? now i'm the first to admit that i've always stood behind puffy (i'm still waiting for him and j.lo to get back together) but who does he think he is? so of course i did a little googling this morning and am i the first to hear about this?

Laurie Ann Gibson filed a complaint with the NYPD claiming Diddy picked up a chair and menaced her with it during an argument over the lackluster performance of the TV show's latest group of contestants. (read the rest here)

uhh yikes. if thats true its super gnarly and my sean john boycott has officially begun. not only is laurie ann the tim gunn of making the band but who is he kidding? i'm not sure what happened to da band and last time i checked danity kane was performing at the brass plum in walnut creek.

(sigh) i miss o-town. anyone? anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do I begin??? I too, Jen, partook in the "40 top softsational soft rock sooooongs." And I loved every minute of it. (While coming to the realization that my top 10 list of all time is all soft rock--oh dear...don't tell Furn-ass.)

You forgot to mention in your blog that Chris Stephens took trumpet lessons from the fluggle-horning Chuck Mangione. Yes--his soft jazz ballade reached #10, and Chris Stephens was his understudy.

Life couldn't be better. I heart soft rock.

11:28 PM  

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