Wednesday, May 02, 2007

second things second

hellooo.... as promised i've got some excellent pics to share. first are a few from the shins concert a few weeks back and second are the pictures from the weekend with cora. it was so incredibly good to see and spend time with that fabulous girl. i always love discovering the feeling that no time has past as soon as you're reunited with an old friend. its so easy to fall out of touch with her living so many time zones away but i think about her lots and cora - i think you read this every once in a while - i miss you!



okay then. so many of you asked for the chicken salad recipe i did for wine tour. its super easy and even i had to toss my veggie tendencies out of the limo and dig in. i took the sauce straight from epicurious and you can find it here. i am sure the recipe followed as is would turn out lovely but if you are wondering... i grilled the chicken instead of poaching, used only half the onion and substituted celery & craisins for the mango & grapes. mostly because i didn't feel like dealing with mango or grapes. hook it up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cora.. i miss you too. Looks like you had a ball.

Old 1315 mason roomie

7:01 AM  

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