Wednesday, March 07, 2007

cabernet sauvignon

well oops its been just a month since i posted anything in this so called blog... and i'm not ready to give up quite yet so i figured it was time to post something. anything!

i'm 30. so far its really rad. as i think you all know i had basically the best birthday weekend anyone could ever have! ellie flew in from ny to surprise me which was 100% awesome and it was just so lovely being surrounded by so many good friends. i'm a very lucky girl indeed. here's a picture of me singing karaoke with steph:


so i am finally checking out the (relatively) new ricky gervais show extras. have you seen it? i'm only 3 episodes in and its pretty amusing thus far. its made me miss the OG office though and today i searched this video clip for a good laugh. i've watched it a couple times and it hasn't stopped killing me. if you aren't familar with david brent, well, you probably won't think this is funny but i know a couple of you out there will love it!

"hi. how are ya? come on in. i've poured you a glass of your favourite wine..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was hysterical. the looks he was giving were fantastic.


1:49 PM  

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