Thursday, January 25, 2007

wait. one. second.

mandy moore and DJ am are dating?? i kind of just threw up a little bit in the back of my mouth. okay i forgave her for zach braff... but this is completely unacceptable.



so as you all know the oscar noms are out. and as you may or may not know i am sort of obsessed with seeing, well, everything. here's the problem: i don't think i can see united 93. like. for reals. and its really bothering me because my compulsive side is telling me i must but my tragic and horribly terrified of plane crashes side is saying no way. have you seen it? is it awful? did you cry for days? let me know if you've got any advice. and stay tuned i guess...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's fine. watch Forrest following United 93 and you'll feel a whole lot better...

2:28 PM  

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