Tuesday, December 12, 2006

if i ignore it, it will go away... right?

i sure hope so because lemme tell ya i am very pleased with the way my december is progressing. yep i'm in straight up denial about this so-called holiday everyone is all aflutter about and its glorious. the weird part is i've managed to accomplish all these lame holiday tasks without even flinching. i heart ignoring the season!

i'll tell you what i don't heart... the fact that in 2 months from today i'm turning 30. and NO i'm not trying to sneaky remind all of you that i've got a big b-day coming up in exactly 2 months from today. but i don't know. i guess its just in my nature to dwell on the unnecessary and damn if its not the holidays its gotta be something. so - ahem - let the fake pumping begin... now!

anywho - on my list of things i'd advise you to not do this week: see bobby. don't do it. unless you totally looove super contrived and cheesy films loosely based on historic fact (oh wait that sounds a whole helluva lot like forrest gump. dan - you might like it). on my list of things i'd advise you to do this week: see the dixie chicks documentary shut up & sing. i saw it last night and was more than pleasantly surprised. i mean i'm not going to go buy their cd or anything but i really liked the film and now i really like them too. do it.


parties last weekend were a blast. megan, tina & sara had a progressive at their building and the pictures are here. thanks guys for having us over! karly had her white elephant party on saturday and well... incase you haven't heard... steph wins the prize for most stellar performance as a giver of gifts.

hi! i wrapped up this live crab and everyone freaked out when they opened it! i'm rad.


Blogger Jacquie said...

I saw Shut Up & Sing too and I did buy their cd. It's really good!

3:25 AM  

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