Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lemongrass: My New BFF

happy belated thanksgiving! I hope you each had a super fabulous holiday and long weekend. I was in sacto with whit, matt & gwen where I had a most relaxing and yummy time. whit and I did all the cooking and didn’t I tell you last year to make this cranberry sauce? didn’t I? ummm… get to it because its amazing. for reals.

so sunday evening I cruised to the andronicos in the sunset because (a) I had never been and (b) randomly I was in that part of town (citycarshare beotch!) and while I was there I decided that’s it – its time to use some lemongrass and love it. I mean lemongrass is obviously pretty rad stuff but I’ve always shied away from dealing with it in my own applications because its pain-in-the-you-know-what potential seemed pretty high. I had read all this stuff on the ‘net about how you need to ‘watch out because its so fibrous!’ and how you should ‘take a mortar-n-pestle to it!’. whatever. I found that if you just peel off the outer layers and make sure you slice it up really thin then you’re fine. so if you want to make something easy to put you on the road to lemongrass aficionado then ch-ch-check this out. press and panfry the tofu instead of deep frying to save yourself both the calories and mess. just add it with the onions and then wait a few before following with the pepper and shitake. serve it with the most spectacular rice ever and you’re good to go.

buy me. i'm expensive. but worth it.


hey wanna see some pics? I know that’s the only reason you’re here. holly had the girls over to carve pumpkins before halloween and I took a couple.


oh... and incase you haven’t heard the gossip... guess who’s engaged? zinga and laura! yep. pretty fabulous news – congrats you two!


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