Thursday, November 16, 2006

in further signs of the apocalypse...

okay so i know this so-called blog has been totally lacking in any real content and i know i'm not tricking any of you by posting youtube clips and passing it off as effort... but whatever! i'm busy! for reals! where are the ucla pics? be patient!

anywho i just remembered i was going to post this for those of you out there that don't watch BWE and maybe haven't seen it (which is really awful and shocking seeing as how its the best show on tv but anyway). its so unbelievably painful that i in no way recommend watching all of it. 30 seconds is all it takes but oh-my-good-god-are-we-dead its insane. the best part was someones comment on the youtube page calling him The real life Micheal Scott. you'll see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate you. I can't believe you made me watch that.


4:09 PM  

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