Monday, July 17, 2006

check it.

vegas was gnarly. i took a few pics and they aren't that spectacular - so when cara posts hers i'll make sure to attach the link. had a great time seeing everyone and all in all the trip was lots of fun... but i decided its my last visit there - like - ever. its just so tragic on so many levels and a million times this weekend i caught myself looking around and thinking "why?" i mean - i get it. i get that the excess and wastefulness is what you've signed up for and part of the whole point. and yeah maybe i'm just too old - but its definitely not for me.

so thats it! don't try to talk me into it because i'm holding firm on this one... no more vegas for jen. oh - unless we're going to the hoover dam - then we can talk.


here's a little something for your afternoon viewing pleasure:


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