Thursday, July 20, 2006

blue and blue...

i know most of you will get a huge kick out of this crazy story. cara gets a phone call from her mom last night telling her that someone called looking for her because someone had found her key. yes. her key - as in kappa key. she gets into work this morning and has another message on her voicemail from another someone trying to contact her about her lost key. so she makes the follow up calls and as it turns out there's a little committee of kkg alumni who search random auction sites and thrift stores for lost keys and lo and behold they found hers on where its located at a goodwill in virginia and is currently up for bid! i mean - what?!? i feel like its a real life mystery and cara's nancy drew. amazing.

Nice mini key with blue crystal stone and diminutive pearl (not tested) as a decoration. On the handle has Letters embossed KKL (A Omega O)and on the back says: Beta and Omega CDS 1/95 10K and hand engraved (hard to read). It is in good condition, no damage visible. 1”L. (Store: 12048D)


in other random news... incase you haven't already heard - christian (yes, as in aileen & christian) has a cameo in kathy griffin: my life on the d-list. i know - what?!? he's her waiter on season 2 episode 5 when she rolls to the hotel triton. set your tivos and check it out!


happy birthday annie! hope you're celebrating in style... miss you! xoxo jen


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the craziest story I have heard in awhile. I mean... do they think someone is going to buy a random key? And more importantly... does Cara have to buy her own key back?


9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes...I will be buying my own key back. Right now the bidding is at $5. I think they might have a fund established to buy keys back, but I told them I could handle it myself.

I know---gnarliest story ever. SO random....


10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is nuts Cara... love the KKG network. It all comes full circle!
Love to you all - in my 30th year. Thanks for the message jen. I am feeling old!


12:41 PM  

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