Wednesday, June 14, 2006

shasta pics

weekend was a blast. weather was perfect and its lovely having only two goals to achieve all day long: applying sunscreen & mixing cocktails. took some pictures but they aren't super comprehensive... check them out here.

oh really.


if i've said it once... let me say it again: i heart jamie kennedy. his new show is putting ashton kutcher to shame. watch it.


speaking of rad tv shows... i finally finished six feet under last night. i started watching the entire series almost a year ago and now its done. i'm actually kind of bummed because i don't have it to look forward to anymore (cara says its like that netflix commercial... you come home and david & keith are sitting on your couch waiting for you). anywho - if you haven't ever given six feet under a chance - please do. and don't get discouraged during season four (super subpar in my opinion) because season five more than makes up for it. i've put felicity on hiatus because she's heavy into her ben phase so i guess i need a new series to get into. any suggestions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn straight... We LOVE that show. We are about half way through the last season. It is one of the best shows on tv.. in my opiion. However, how scary is Billy?? I is one creepy MoFo


4:23 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

billy IS gnarly. when you watch the last disc make sure to watch the special features too... parts of it flash back to when he was super OOC. i had sort of forgotten about how intense all of it was...

4:27 PM  

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