Thursday, June 22, 2006

more pictures from my trip

i finally watched a room with a view last night which i'd had at home since march... so much for being a responsible netflixer. OH - this was after i went to dinner with holly and her friend becky. they were craving korean bbq (which is a craving i've never actually had nor do i anticipate ever having - but i'm glad they did because it was fun) so we just rolled to some place in japantown. best part of the whole experience? the sides and condiments. i wish i could remember what they all were (the waitstaff spoke minimal english which i guess is part of the problem). i kind of assumed that since kimchee is so g-ross that the rest of it would be. not true.

this table cannot hold any additional plates


anywho - so i watched a room with a view which got me fired up to post more pics from my trip. so here is the second batch which are just a few from our first night in dublin and our side trip to london on our way south. we were only there for half a day and a night but we totally made the most of it. instead of trying to see a ton we had a lovely late lunch, went shopping, and had the most fabulous sushi ever... all super close to our hotel. done and done!


i took a cab to work this morning... on spare the air day! i'm such a poser.


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