Monday, June 05, 2006

happy birthday becca!

today's becca's b-day. hope you're having the raddest day ever blanket! a few of us are going to delfina tonight for dinner which should be fabulous. so remember when i'm a total picture taker now? its actually quite odd and i'm wondering how long this mini-phase will last... but in the meantime just call me wally. the weekend was packed with fun stuff and not only did i take a million pictures but was even responsible enough to get them loaded up and ready to share. shocking, i know. here are the highlights...

friday night we went to bay meadows. that place kills me. its sorta like vegas for me due to the part about if you look around and notice the families its sort of depressing... but if you stay focused on the dollar beers, dogs & super diamond - its loads of fun. megan (not mulcahy, the other one... aka darth... long story) took my camera for a large portion of the night and took tons of pics. most of the shots that night were hers and here are two of my favorites... click here to see the rest.

this pic of jacquie is rad. i think i might frame it.

something tells me graham isn't doing so hot at the races.


saturday was the union street fair - which i totally hate (even though its true i've never actually gone. but whatever - rolling with all the cougars and corporate kids is sort of like my personal hell. not as bad as the chinatown walgreens - but almost) so i instead went to a party at mike (aka tina's) house. i was there early to prep a cake and the corn... went home for a little nap... came back that evening and it was going off! there were flip cups and everything. you can check all the pictures here.


then finally we went to r bar for becca's b-day celebration. we got there early to score stools and it was a great night. i think becca had a blast... check out all the action here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog - it rules. All I can say is that you have to take a LOT of pictures to get a few good ones. First rule of photography :)


11:18 PM  

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