Friday, June 16, 2006

Britney Spears: Poster Child for the Reason You Need an Education.

so i watched the britney spears interview last night on dateline and yes, it was truly that painful. (for the record: i was also doing many productive things around my apartment so it was technically "multitasking"). anywho - she's an idiot - like, for reals. i actually had no real intention of even talking about this because hellooo who doesn't know brit's a little below average in the brains department? yep. i was just going to drop it... until i read this on CNN this morning:

oh gawd. are you kidding? whats next? oh, thats right... a failed marriage, kids with addictions and years of plastic surgery. and i know its horribly wrong - but i can't wait.

don't let this happen to you


i'm off for the weekend and am super excited for wine tour. goooo summer '06! its a guaranteed picture taking extravaganza and i'll share them with you next week. there are 8 of us going this year and its a fabulous group (maggie & cara will be missed tho!). cheers to kp who's kept the tradition going strong.

have a great weekend... xoxo jen


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