Wednesday, May 24, 2006

so... ahem...

yeah. umm... i have a confession. i'm hooked on american idol this season. like - really hooked. like - i've been voting hooked. and i've tricked myself into thinking its completely normal because i've got a little crew of AI buddies who totally watch it too and we text each other during the show and we write emails all day discussing how lame chris is or how crazy paula is or how constantine needs to just go away already. and what i haven't quite figured out is if i'm loving this season for the season itself - or because i love all the fun thats come with it.

so i admit it. whatever the reason might be i'm hooked on american idol. and i'll be bummed when its over. and yeah yeah i know its uber commercial and doesn't really fit in with my anti-corporate notions.

but whatever. go soul patrol.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

soul patrol! Yea for Taylor! Let the countdown to August 25 begin...


9:20 AM  

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