Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i heart ireland

so i'm back from my trip. had the best time ever and seeing cora was super rad! i was only gone for 10 days but it felt like forever since we packed in so much amazing stuff. thanks to cara who filled me in everyday via text on all the important goings on in the world of gossip & mtv i don't feel too far behind. whew!

i hope to have my pictures loaded up with captions and sent out later this week or early next. i've been trying to come up with a major highlight or a fabulous anecdote to sum the whole experience up but i can't. maybe because my brain has been lost in a cloud of various time zones for the past 48 hours or maybe because the whole trip was equally amazing in every way... probably a combination of both.

i did make 3 very definitive observations however: (1) airplane food truly is as consistently awful as its reputation, (2) the b12 vitamin is a miracle worker and (3) public transit blows no matter where you are.

i missed you all! xoxo jen


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