Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"So I guess this means you'll be writing in your blog tomorrow..."

... megan said while we were kicking it on crissy field on the most beautiful night SF has had in a looong time. we cruised all day with hugh and his dogs... checked out the animal sanctuary booth her brother was working at in mission dolores park and then popped into left at albuquerque for some margs before hitting sunset. all in all - a fabulous sunday!


oh, and then the weather got awful again. so i'm still totally not blogging... i just wanted to show you the one thing i hate more than this being SF's rainiest march in over 100 years. no, its not muni - its kina.

hi. i totally blow. some of my idols include hitler and osama bin laden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dying. 'I am so in love w/ Randy' Yea - she sucks!


3:18 PM  

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