Monday, March 06, 2006

just a typical day...

holly and i were driving back from the trader joe's in north beach on saturday when we see this fool on the street corner - who besides being scantily-clad in pretty frigid weather was also obviously highly intoxicated. just another day...

and then we see another one - about 10 blocks later!

i love this city.


i'll tell you what i don't love... crash winning best picture last night. g-ross.

becca & sharon had a super fun oscar party... complete with oscar themed champagne cocktails. everyone brought really yummy food and its always fun to have a reason to get together on a sunday evening. all in all i thought the show was pretty good - loved jon stewart and loved stephen colbert's best actress attack ads. too funny.

now that its all over i'm looking forward to taking a break from my uber-gnarly movie watching routine! hope you all had a good weekend... and what did you think? were the oscars all that and more?


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