Tuesday, February 07, 2006

29 - eww

so here i am in the countdown to 29... the last couple days as a 28 year old. whats with 29? i'm telling myself its gross because its a prime but i guess i need to face the obvious reality: i'm heading into my last year as a 20-something. you know when you're younger and people always say "oh - sure - birthdays are fun now, but you just wait!" and you know how in greeting card stores they always have those cards that reference the fact that no one wants to turn another year older? whats sort of tripping me out is that this is the first year i've related to all of that. its not that i think i'm old... i'm just for the first time oddly aware that i'm getting there.

on that note - here are a couple of my latest observations - and as you can see i'm still pretending i'm waaay younger than i am.


i'm really annoyed at kristin cavallari's popularity level these days. i mean sure... it was all fun and games when she had a crush on talan and hated LC... we couldn't get enough of her then! but now - her new show? check out what i saw at the embarcadero - these signs are everywhere over there! i mean... billboards near the freeway - fine. but signage in my nice little shopping area near work? not okay.

whatever. this is annoying.


why did ashley parker angel name his kid Lyric? no really, why? here's my theory - it was tiff's idea! those of you watching There & Back (and i know who you are) will understand where i'm coming from on this one. ashley has turned out to be way radder than anyone could have expected and his girlfriend/fiance is one of the lamest humans of all time. thus - she must have been behind Lyric's naming.

the happy (?) family


have you seen tonya harding lately?

'nuff said.


finally, on a somewhat more 28/29ish note - i get these email updates from different theatres around town and i usually delete them without reading, but today i opened one from the Marsh and I want to encourage all of you to see Brian Copeland’s NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN. i saw it with my mom when she was in town back in june of last year and it was awesome. how fabulous is it when a one man show not only tells a fascinating story but makes you laugh out loud and cry too? its definitely a unique experience.

Originally scheduled for a six week run, Genuine is now entering its 23rd month of sold out San Francisco performances. In addition, the show is currently being developed as a series for HBO and will be released as a novel by Hyperion in the fall.

its still running here and is now running in los angeles... so go check it out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could be like "But wait--29 IS rad." Sorry, but I can't. You're only that much closer to 30, which is totally weird.

Weren't we all just at Rennie's last night taking flaming dr. pepper shots? Where did the time go....

btw--Lyric is REALLY cute and Tiff looks kind of pretty in that picture. What's up with that!? It's hard for me to rip on Lyric when he's that freaking cute.

I heart apa. And la.


3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well.. check out US weekly (ok i gave up the subscription but still buy it) Tiff looks a little ani if you know what I mean. And I agree.. Lyric?.. just because you were are in the so-called music industry Lyric is NOT ok. That is like me naming my child drain plug becuase I am in the radiator business!

Then on to Kristin..jen i am with you... used to love to watch her and stephen and LC but get real... she has been on the worst dressed list TWICE in US Weekly and she is not even that big of a star! Who ever is her stylist should be fired... opps she probably can not afford a stylist becuase she is not that big of a star.

Lastly, jen + 29 years = good times... i mean really you think you are going to stop going to the R Bar and staying out too late!


4:27 PM  

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