Tuesday, January 31, 2006

whats up?

yeah i know. where have i been? where's the blog? i'm sitting here eating my lunch of kombucha and the hot & sour soup from whole foods (which is one of the better H&S soups i've had btw - try it) trying to figure out what i've actually been doing for the past couple weeks and why i don't have any rad recipes to share or a muni rant or two to get me fired up and i realized all i've been doing lately is watching movies. yep. thats it.

so when it comes to "cinema" i actually don't really know what i'm talking about so i'm sort of reluctant to share my feelings like i'm some sort of expert... but on the flip side i'm pretty opinionated and since this all i've known the past couple weeks i'm going to chime in on the oscar race 2006. here it goes. (cough cough)

well first off i still haven't seen 6 major contenders: Goodnight & Goodluck (i know myself pretty well and have a feeling i'm going to love it), Syriana (i had heard the plot was a little far fetched but given my attitude towards the corporate structure i have a feeling i'm going to eat it up. have you seen The Corporation yet? if its the only piece of advice you take from me all year: watch it), Mrs. Henderson Presents, North Country, Junebug (its been at the top of my queue for a while and the folks at netflix are about to get a nasty email), and Pride & Predjudice. i share jacquie's sentiment on that last one... i don't want to see it and i'm going to force myself to. yeah, yeah i love colin firth - but i'm sorry the BBC version is amazing and besides - keira knightly blows. she bugs me like jennifer garner but not as bad.

keira does not deserve mr. darcy

so who am i rooting for? glad you asked.

ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLL: PSH. i heart him (obvi). but i also thought heath ledger was uber-amazing... i totally forgot he was australian until i heard him at the golden globes and then i was even more impressed with his voice in the movie. and i grew up in eastern oregon so i do consider myself a small authority on this one. i mean, people brought guns to my high school... on gun racks... in big trucks. so i know what "cowboys" sound like.

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLL: William Hurt. okay - lets break it down - A History of Violence is one of my favorite movies i've seen in a long time and WH was really rad. and the thing is he's only in a small part of the movie towards the very end but he's SOOO good. i don't think he'll win but i'd be pumped if he did.

ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLL: so i still have to see 3 of the 5 in this catagory. as long as Keira "booty" Knightly doesn't win i'll be stoked.

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLL: i have a feeling i'll be cheering for Amy Adams but until netflix gets it together Catherine Keener is my fave. why is everyone freaking off of Rachel Weisz? its really bugging me. no, really. why?

BEST PICTURE: okay fine. i want Brokeback Mountain to win. i know thats not very original of me and i've heard some say the story was too slow - but it was an interesting film with likeable characters and its different and its new and its well done. and maybe i've lived in san francisco too long and i'm too easily swayed by mark morford... but i sobbed at the end. and if thats not a sign of a good love story then i don't know what is.

and finally...

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: this is my secret favorite category and i'm a little concerned/annoyed i'm not going to see Darwin's Nightmare or Street Fight before march 5. i watched Enron last night and was of course super fired up (see: "corporate america, hatred of"), i've got March of the Penguin's queued up, and yeah Murderball will probably win. it was good i guess... but i sorta liked Grizzly Man better.

anywho - there's my take on all the oscar mayhem. i'll chime in again when i have more concrete evidence as to the extent of keira knightly's lameness.

until then... happy movie watching!


Blogger jacquie said...

I too am bummed I won't be able to see Street Fight or Darwin's Nightmare! Enron I thought was awesome (you know the trial for those two fucks is starting like... now!) Anyway, how crazy was that freak in Grizzly Man? Um... he's crazy.

12:35 AM  

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