Friday, December 02, 2005

happy birthday holly!

yesterday was holly's birthday. happy birthday holly! molly, julie, holly and i went last night to check out the new wine bar on union that opened where rica was. it was pretty packed so it took a good 30 mins to get a table but its a nice space had a good vibe... all in all - fun times! from there we ventured in to U Street for a post wine bar cocktail. its places like U Street that remind me why i never cruise the marina... the place was g-ross and swarming with striped shirts!


i'm pretty much sick of not winning the lottery.

waa waa waaaa...


so i took a break from my anti-sweatshop soapbox and finally cruised the new H&M the other day... i actually went to both of them. the one on post isn't that much smaller than the one on powell and was way less crowded. check it out!


i cut my hair. its short now (like between chin & shoulder) and i'm loving the change. i'll tell you who else i'm loving - charles eugene. he works at oxenrose and he's rad. jacquie found him about a year ago and after the whole "wes situation" i was desparate for someone new. he's got great stories and is fun to chat with (charles eugene: "jacquie says she can drink me under the table, is that true?" me: "yes.")... anywho - now i'm desparate for someone to do my color - any suggestions?


Remember When... holly wants me to have a remember when portion of the blog everyday so i'm going to try it out?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the whole 'Wes Situation' was a hard one for us all. Where are you Wes??? And the 'Remember When' section is a great idea! Nice work.


10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to get my hair done on Thurs. As you already know, my girl is super rad, and her bf works in San Fran. I'll get the contact info. for you.

RMW Wes was on "worker's comp"?

So sketchy....and I don't even know him!


1:46 PM  

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