Thursday, November 03, 2005

your science fix for the day

i'm reading this book right now about the universe that i picked it up for a couple bucks at stacey's. its turned out to be a pretty quick read and has had my head spinning nonstop for the past couple weeks just thinking about the enormity of it all. and while i love feeling so amazed and tripped out its also just another thing to add to the list of things i wish i understood better... chaos, pastry, baseball, religion, medicinal herbs, cheese, nuclear power, art, brain surgery... which is immensely frustrating because of course i'll never even get close to understanding it all and why can't i just have a more focused passion? wouldn't that make life easier? wouldn't that give me a more clearly defined purpose? someone told me once that i 'always seem to know a little about a lot of stuff' which is a nice complement... but i can't help but wish it was the other way around. but thats a whole other topic.

anywho... in the book there is a chapter about black holes (which are one of the creepiest most mind boggling things out there and i wish i could make every one of my friends as excited about how gnarly they are as i am) and keep in mind this book was published in 2002 so the info is a little dated. well in this chapter we learn that black holes exist (among other places) in the centers of massive galaxies however we're not totally sure if there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy or not. well scientists obviously want to figure it out and to do so must also figure out a way to detect something that cannot be seen directly or even indirectly! crazy stuff indeed. so i get to work today and look what i have in my inbox:


and that - is rad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG--Can you please make any future blog entries a little more mellow, like about Laguna Beach or Run's House or some other mindless show on MTV?

This serious stuff is giving me heart palpatations...Quick, I need the latest copy of US Magazine--STAT!


10:36 AM  

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