Tuesday, November 22, 2005

its like thursday!

i seriously don't think i could make it through a full week... thanks thanksgiving!


first off... have you all heard about the miracle that happened this weekend? i'm sure most of you have because its completely out of control - but incase not...

holly lost her purse on friday night. purse, keys, wallet, cell phone, everything. most likely she left it in a cab somewhere between the final final and who knows where... and she spent all saturday morning camped out at aileen's calling every cab company known to man with no luck. so she finally tracked down her landlord, got into her apartment, picked up her passport, and walked to the bank with mike to cash their deposit check. the conversation that followed went something like this:

bank teller: "i need to see a photo ID"

holly: "all i have is my passport, i lost my purse last night"

bank teller: "is it blue?"

holly: "what?"

bank teller: "is your purse blue with a black wallet?"

holly: "i'm sorry, do you know me?"

bank teller: "your purse is at bar none"

ummm.... what?!? so apparently the bank teller also works at bar none and recognized holly's name and picture from her license in the purse they found friday night. so not only is that a miracle on a thousand different levels... but... who knew that bank tellers were bartenders at bar none?

here we are at liverpool lil's before the purse went missing


i finally watched DiG! this weekend. i'd been hearing about it for months. b-side said that he was waiting another 6 months to watch it... but not me! i moved it straight to the top of my queue. thanks austin film society! anywho - its totally entertaining and you should definitely check it out.


ummm... GO DUCKS! i can't believe how fast the season went by... i feel like it was just last week i was settling down for the first game. r bar was going off crazier than ever... here's a pic:

its hard to see... duck fans were in camo


so i just had the kung po salad from the Basic Soy Beanery for lunch. omg its RAD. next time you're cruising farmer's market (and you should, really) please try some samples. the stuff is pretty amazing.


incase i don't get around to posting tomorrow... happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope you all have a fabulous day wherever you might be. i've heard rumors of a couple engagements that might be brewing this weekend so i might have some good scoops next week!

love you all, xoxo, jen


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is was Holly even AT Bar None? It could be a movie called 'The Miracle on Union Street'.

Love that you saw DiG and love that you gave B-Side a shout out.

Go Ducks! Fiesta? Holiday? Here we come!


3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG...who's engaged?

I need the scoops...asap.

Loving "The Miracle on Union Street." Good call, Maggie.


10:36 AM  

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