Friday, November 11, 2005

happy birthday molly!

happy friday everyone... i don't know about you guys but i've had a way busy and looong week! i'm definitely ready for a break from the corporate world... oh, and some sleep.

first off - i'd like to give a shout out to molly... its her birthday! we're going to happy hour at the rogue after work to help her celebrate. i'm totally excited to have some drinks with the birthday girl and also to get over to that part of town - i'm never over there anymore since i moved and i miss it.

hope all your birthday wishes come true molly! i love you loads...


secondly - i'd like to give a shout out to graham and to paula deen. about 5 years ago graham told me about something super crazy called a turducken. do you know about this? chances are you do since i've probably gone off to you about it at some point. i tend to get re-obsessed with it every year around the holidays and this year is no exception.

its not that i look at this and think 'yeah - that looks so yummy i have to try it' in fact its quite the opposite - i think it looks gross. but i just can't stop marveling at how insanely over the top it is. i mean... a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey? gnarly! anywho, last night i caught paula deen cooking one up on food network and my obsession hit an all time high - i have to try to make this. so graham and i may be cooking one up in the near future... and don't worry - you'll be invited. if you want to read more about this crazy undertaking you can read a crazy recipe here or paula deen's easier looking recipe here.


finally - i'd like to give a shout out to jacquie... who wrote a fab blog entry that i totally needed to read when i got to work today.

i’m going home in a couple weeks for thanksgiving and then again for christmas and it happens every year... the plethora of questions about my life from people who used to know me. ‘how’s your job?’ ‘do you have a boyfriend?’ ‘have you found a church?’ and then the total kicker: ‘when are you moving back?’ which is actually quite hysterical because anyone who actually knows me also knows that the answer is like, never. and i understand that these questions come from a good place. they come from people that knew me and loved me as a kid and are good friends with my parents and are genuinely interested in my life. so it would be all well and good if it stopped there, but it doesn’t. because then i get the handful of inquisitive squinty eyes coupled with the ‘ohh...’ that trails off into a silent sort of judgment.

and maybe some of this is totally made up and stems from some sort of insecurity on my part and hey - i’m totally quick to pass judgment on crazy conservatives who listen to bill o’reilly so it only seems fair that anyone can pass judgment on a crazy liberal living in ‘that city’ - right? sure... but that doesn’t erase the part about how it sucks. and the truth is i’ve been thinking about all of this stuff way too much lately because you know what? i’ve had a hard year. there i said it - its published in my blog - 2005 has been a rough one for jen. and now that we’re nearing the end i’m taking stock and wondering should i have a better job? why am i single? am i ever getting married? what am i actually doing with my life?

so thanks jacquie... i needed to read that this morning because you’re right... we’ve got a pretty fabulous thing going here living our life the way we want to live it! and i’m thankful every day for all my friends who remind me that its totally okay that i don’t have a husband or a house or a kid. and besides... if i had a husband, a house and a kid i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be drinking beers at the rogue tonight or cruising to whole foods tomorrow to ask the butcher if he can debone a chicken, a duck and a turkey.


Anonymous Anonymous said... are the raddest person ever, and I love you tons!

I heart your blog. It kicks ass and I love reading it!

And if you had a husband, a kid and a house, I seriously doubt you'd have time to text all your friends with biting commentary during rad MTV shows...


10:50 AM  
Blogger jacquie said...

Don't eat duck, Jennifer!

Go Ducks.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck on the TurDuckEn Jen... can't wait for the blog entry after that one. And make sure to tell all those M-F folks how rad your life in SF really is!

Miss you,

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you two Jen.
I was thinking that the turducken could be a great suggestion for my cooking club!!

4:51 PM  

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