Friday, October 14, 2005

ok? okay!

well i think its official - this has been the slowest day of my life. it feels like i've been here since i was 8 years old but really its only been about 7 and 1/2 hours. yawn. only really major thing thats happened to me today is i decided my trial run of changing the way i write "ok" to "okay" has been a success... and hopefully now you fully understand how non-exciting my day has been.

so i've used this opportunity of extreme slowness to clean out my inbox and i found this email a co-worker forwarded to me last june with this website to check out... i guess i saved it so i'd remember to maybe buy something from here someday. i really like these:

anywho... thats it. hope you all have a great weekend! i gotta get outta here to cruise the halloween store for part of my costume which is a fabulous story i'll save for later...

go ducks!


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