Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i want the world to stop making me so angry

so we've got a bundle of super-awfully-messed-up bay area crime stories to read about right now. there's the vitale murder which is oh-so sad and has even attracted nancy grace to the scene. then the mom who tossed her kids into the bay last week which is one of the most insanely horrific things i've ever read about. and i'm sure you pretty much want to stop reading right now because this is the most depressing blog entry of all time and who wants to think about the world and humans and brains and guns and cruelty and death and wait - this happened here? down the street? sigh.

but what about this guy who had the body in his trunk... did you read this one? did you read the follow up stories? he had been terrorizing this woman for 3 years. he had eight prior felony convictions - all for domestic violence - and had never been sentenced to prison.


i read that and i started crying. and then i feel stupid for being so sensitive because obviously the world is a messed up and sad place and this kind of stuff happens every day and haven't i watched enough lifetime movies to know that and am i really surprised? no. i'm not surprised, not at all shocked, just so sad for this woman because for 3 years she was afraid this man would kill her. then he did.

so now what? what do we do to feel better about the terrible bleakness of the whole situation? volunteer? vote? protest? make donations? no, really - what do i do?

i'm probably overreacting in typical fashion and i know i can't let domestic violence become my pet cause of the week. so i just thought i'd share - because i want you guys to be mad like me too.


Blogger jacquie said...

and now you can talk about the guy who shot and killed the dentist on jackson/polk today -- and then killed himself. i mean...we're talking about a shooting that happened in a good neighborhood where we all spend a lot of time. it happened right by the f'ing Belltower!
at least it wasn't Dr. Jang.

11:26 PM  

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