Monday, October 03, 2005

good times at the stanford game

Oregon 44, Stanford 20. rad.

such a fun saturday and the weather was perfect! cruised down on the R Bar bus with 49 other crazy duck fans. the operation 'stache-back shirts were a huge hit! here's jacquie and hugh rocking the shirt on the bus:

anywho - don't have many other pics... but i'm sure jacquie will post a ton so you can check them out when she updates her blog.


in other news... i decided to start an amazon wishlist. paul was telling me about this book about signs that i totally want so i put it on a wishlist. i thought long and hard and came up with 3 other things i really really want. now that my parents are reading my blog... maybe i'll get a serrated knife for christmas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the serrated knife.

My mom won't buy me one. She thinks I'll cut one of my fingers off.

I'm going to fight for it this Christmas...


3:51 PM  

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