Thursday, October 27, 2005

countdown to halloween

its almost halloween. i used to detest halloween big time until 2 years ago when i had a super rad costume and then i realized i was hating on halloween all those years because i never thought about costumes ahead of time and then the last minute pressure for perfection was too much for my OCD plagued brain to handle. so this year i hooked up my costume way far in advance and now i can hardly wait! becca and her roomies are having a party and its looking like its going to be fun times... there is all this pressure to keep our costumes a secret for the costume contest so i'm not going to reveal what i've got brewing (even though i've pretty much told everyone at some point due to me having it for like 5 months) but here's a clue:

i got it at walgreens for $1.99 - rad!


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