Wednesday, October 12, 2005

christian & aileen's wedding

so the weddings are all over. 2005 came and went.

i thought i'd feel different... i don't know... less stressed and preoccupied? but here we are 3 days later and the same stuff is bugging me day in and day out... you know - rachael ray, corporate america, people on muni with their cell phones nattering nonstop about "travis who just started walking" and you're hoping travis has been in a coma for months and this is why the news of his walking must be discussed full volume at 8 a.m. when you're trying to focus on a book about the universe and you can't grasp this paragraph about quantum mechanics because uh-oh "now that travis can walk he's been getting in to the pots and pans." naughty travis. and then you realize that this is the same person you heard telling an acquaintance on the 1bx that her stalker was finally sentenced and going to jail which of course means that she's switched from the 1bx to the 1 also. great.

but aside from all that... the weekend was beautiful. wedding was at st. vincent's in san rafael and the reception was at gloria ferrer in sonoma. the couple looked amazing and super happy. jacquie as the super responsible picture taker she is i'm sure took a ton of pics that you can check out when she updates her blog. best part of the weekend was meeting all of aileen & megan's friends that i've heard many stories about. megan took her parents and the whole east coast crew to the r bar on sunday afternoon - fun times - and the only picture i managed to take with my phone is this one of shelly. i miss you shelly - won't you please move back to san francisco? please?!?


so in other news... zinga has a blog now. i'm putting a link to it to the right so you can check it out. oh and also paul forwarded me this funny blog that some of you might want to check out.


i made split pea soup last night that i thought turned out pretty good. i brought the leftovers in for lunch and if they still taste good day-two i'll post the recipe later.


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