Tuesday, September 13, 2005

playing catch-up

worked a day and a half last week which left little time for blogging and now i'm feeling all behind and like i need to have this super fabulous entry that will get me caught up. what i really need to do is stop OCDing and just post some pics and call it a day. ok. i'll try.


labor day weekend got off to a good start when becca, jacquie, megan and I decided to branch out and try a new place in a different neighborhood. a little citysearch surfing later we ended up at bluefin sushi on 19th and clement. ummm... go there. such tasty and beautifully crafted rolls, the staff was so friendly and a couple hours later the bill was only $40/each. definitely a keeper.

sunday went to a bbq at mike (aka tina) and holly's house. love those two. i went over to their house that a.m. to pick up the sangria pitcher and ran into that huge bike race we have every year. holly and i watched the first lap half a block up from their place and then i got stuck in the crowd watching the second lap on fillmore.

anywho was fabulous to see graham, christian, aileen and mikey o. because i hadn't seen them in ages. went kinda wild with the camera phone... here are some pictures:

holly with her conductor cap

graham and becca getting the last of the sunshine

becca and aileen

with christian in front of the fire


saturday was molly and jeff's wedding. flew up midday on thursday, stayed with shimshak and had dinner with her and jon that evening. drove up friday morning to meet up with all the girls for the bridesmaid luncheon. (yep, thats right. foot on the pedal - hands on the wheel. and yes i do have a license, thank you.) i had forgotten what a cute little touristy town cannon beach is. i had some time to cruise around before i met up with the girls and saw a couple things that made me laugh...

first off - there are tsunami evacuation signs everywhere. not really sure if these signs actually lead you to some sort of safe area but i guess navigating your way through some sort of mystery trail keeps you distracted in the moments before imminent death?

secondly - i saw this cooking school giving a major shout out to rachael ray. blech.

so i'm sure most everyone knows that the wedding got rained out and when i say rained out i mean RAINED OUT. but you know what? it was awesome. it was everyman for himself but everyone pitched in and helped out. people carried the arbor, people helped with the instruments, people carried all the flowers and people just made it work. and when it was all said and done and we were all soaked to the bone with mascara running down our faces and our hair wet & tangled from the wind... no one cared. everyone there was just so stoked to be at molly & jeff's wedding and that was really all that mattered. i loved it.

moffitt, bundles & julie in the shuttle on the way to the wedding


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a fun weekend and wedding! Cannon Beach was great. And good call with the EVOO cooking school. It bugs me every time she says that...


1:23 PM  

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