Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Harold and Maude

have you seen this movie? have you? watched harold and maude last night. no particular reason... it was one of those movies i had never seen and would hear vague references to every now and again so put it in my netflix queue and it crept towards the top so last night i watched it. it makes me so happy when i watch something that takes me by surprise when i end up loving it way more than anticipated.

i'm so not good at figuring out what it is specifically about movies, music or art that makes me love it or hate it... but i think what struck me with harold and maude was how (for me, anyway) it managed to capture having that dull feeling of eternal hopelessness and then the most unlikely thing making it disappear. i've also been accused of dabbling in being an emotional crazy person... so maybe it was just me.

anywho - if you haven't seen it you should check it out sometime. its short (90 mins), got some funny scenes, filmed in the bay area, and cat stevens sings the entire soundtrack. plus - maude totally rules. when harold says "no thank you" to the wine she offers him, maude replies, "its okay - its organic!" i guess that isn't my line afterall!


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