Thursday, September 01, 2005


yahoo! its finally here - kickoff to football season! leaving work early to catch the beginning of the game at r bar (they are opening early - rad). i've been so distracted all day and have been rocking out to calobo and humming the fight song in the halls. yahoo!

so i was just cruising the internet looking for a good duck photo to post and i ran across all these pics from and i saw this. and since i am sort of going through a deviled egg phase and since i'm always on the lookout for oregon/football themed party platters when i saw this i sorta freaked because i want it. no - for reals i really want it. so will someone out there find it and get it for me please??

see ya at the game! GO DUCKS!

best deviled egg platter of all time


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the raddest thing I have ever seen. Are you kidding me? A deviled-egg-themed-duck-platter? That SCREAMS of Jen Hen.


4:38 PM  

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